Cure for obesity

There are different methods for curing the obesity. One of the hardest ways to cure obesity is to control diet. Obese people are quite fond of fatty food. Thus, they need to decrease such food and prefer plant based food which contains high dietary fiber.

Another way to cure obesity is to use drugs. Certain drugs which can inhibit the enzymatic activity of enzymes such as amylase and lipase can help in decreasing absorption of the food. But it has many side effects.

The third and commonly used nowadays is bariatric surgery. It involves removal of a certain portion of the gastrointestinal tract; especially small and large intestine. It would reduce the absorption of digested food and hence one reduces weight.

The treatment varies with the root cause and the severity of obesity. Obesity can be due to one of the following reasons:

Genetically predisposed to be obese

for such cases it more willpower than treatment! They will have to exercise vigorously and burn the fat in order to make their genes understand that unnecessary fat deposition is uncalled for! In extreme cases, they opt for liposuction surgery where in the fats are literally sucked out of your body. But it has severe secondary complications and can also lead to death.

Eating disorder

Know what you are eating, how much (or less) you are eating, and how much (or less) you should be eating! Generally eating disorders are outcomes of psychological illnesses like depression and anxiety. So treating (counselling) the root cause can also save you from binge eating that leads to obesity!

Thyroid gland malfunctioning

thyroid hormone is a key regulator of fat metabolism. It decides how much fat gets stored and where. So over or under-secretion of thyroid hormones can also lead to mismanagement of dietary fats. Addressing thyroid issues will eventually get you out of obesity.

In general, without any of the above, regular physical exercise and balanced diet should do enough to maintain your BMI

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