Meta Physics or Metaphysics | Quantum Mechanics and Metaphysics

Physics is an objective science Metaphysics is a subjective science even my views are that meta physics is not a science because science based on experiment and for experiments scientist require physical objects and in meta physics we aren’t able to find such physical forms.

For Example

You can taste sugar and experience sweetness. Can you describe that sweetness? Objectively you can split the matter and find out what creates that sweetness. But you can still not describe in words for the one who has never tasted it. Because the taste is a subjective experience.


A person is a blind and you are teaching him this is blue color and it is red can you tell me how this blind man shall distinguish. Between colors

So science based on experiments and proofs.

Such is the case of metaphysics, where a person experiences an inner world, an inner reality which the person can never objectively present to any audience, he can provide no objective evidence for instance soul.

So many people assume metaphysics is a philosophical form of based on abstract thanking but I personally not accept such views because soul is a lover of God and a lover do not need science or philosophies, it just need to love that it is.

Quantum Mechanics and Metaphysics.

Physics deals with entities which have persistent existence in Space and Time.

Quantum mechanics deals with entities which have tendencies to exist, which, when they manifest themselves, exists but for a nonce, and then only in Space or Time, but not in both.

Hence, Quantum Mechanics is pure metaphysics.

The origin of the concept of “metaphysics” is the collection of topics Aristotle thought would be good to include in his untitled book he wrote before writing his book Physiks. It means “before physics” and it is basically the concepts that should be explored to have a better understanding of what you are learning when you explore the physical world.

Metaphysics is very important to the understanding of quantum mechanics. You need it in order to interpret what is actually happening when an experiment is run. However, the mathematics that leads to predictions and the results of the experiments are not metaphysics and no matter your metaphysical point of view, you can still do the physics just as capably.

Perhaps Quantum Mechanics is definitely physics, not metaphysics.Quantum Mechanics itself is not metaphysics as it is purely mathematical, and calculable.

Only that various characteristics of objects that one expects from everyday life to be well defined are not well defined, and have uncertainties in them, which drives some people to make metaphysical claims.

However, this is just metaphysical like rolling a 6 sided die is metaphysical. Before you roll the die, you don’t know which side will land up.

That must be some deep metaphysical thing! Well maybe it is….

But Quantum Mechanics is similar. There are dice rolls in the math, like in probability and statistics.

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