Stress, Panic, Anxiety or Tension’s attack lower the sp02 readings on a finger Pulse Oximeter?

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

First and the most important point I would like to say through this article that ‘stress, panic, anxiety and tension and even hypertension’ are conditions, need management not treatment because they are all self-sustaining.

Anxiety, Panic stress or tension and sometime hypertension causes symptoms that can not only impact your life also it can actually cause more anxiety. Anxiety is the type of condition that often becomes self-sustaining, causing you to fear for your health and wellbeing in a way that hurts your day to day comfort levels.

A common (anxiety) symptom is a feeling of having a lack of air. Sometimes referred to as shortness of breath or breathlessness, a lack of air is a harmless condition but can result in its own symptoms that may make your anxiety attacks worse and this the Lack of Air Feeling Anxiety can often be difficult to understand. Most important condition while you are in anxiety called hyperventilation.

Hyperventilation Syndrome

Some people find that their body starts hyperventilating even when they don't have anxiety. That's because their body has somehow trained itself to breathe inefficiently (usually as a result of stress) and it starts to hyperventilate simply because it's breathing wrong. That's something that can be hard to change, but not impossible.


Body reduces blood flow to the brain when you hyperventilate.

Rapid Heartbeat

Heart speeds up to move blood around your body.

Chest Pains

In Above conditions heart has to work harder, and your ventricles constrict, causing chest pains.


Blood is taken away from your hands and feet, leading to tingling and weakness. Don’t forget that you may also have this incredible urge to yawn or take deeper breaths (because of that lack of air feeling)

Thinking about Breathing

Inefficient breathing is the key here, and some inefficient breathing isn't about breathing quickly - it's from thinking about breathing. There are those with anxiety that often think about each breath, and when you think about it, it becomes temporarily manual. People tend to believe their bodies need more air than it does, and so they breathe more than their body needs until they oversaturate their bloodstream. There are also health conditions like asthma that can lead to rapid breathing and a lack of air, and since asthma and related conditions are scary,

Important to note that you should always visit a doctor if you feel like lack of air is a problem. Even though it is a common anxiety symptom, there is simply little reason to leave something like this to chance. See a doctor, and rule out any potentially more dangerous issues that may be causing these same symptoms first, that way you can rest your mind a little bit on your heart and lung health.


So back to the topic that yes you can and Yes spo2 reading on pulse oximeter can, if the anxiety/panic, tension or stress reaction is causing hyperventilation. This causes inadequate Oxygen exchange in the Circulatory System resulting in lower O2 Saturation.

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